OMEGA X: A press conference for the truth to come out

The truth must come out, the members must be protected.


Today, November 16, 2022, a press conference was held with the OMEGA X group so that things are revealed publicly.

The OMEGA X group composed of 11 members held, accompanied by its lawyers, a press conference in order to get to the bottom of the controversy surrounding the group.

OMEGA X members held a press conference at Bar Association Hall in Seocho-gu, Seoul at 2 p.m. on November 16 and took a stand on rumored disagreements with their agencies. The members, as well as Roh Jong Eon, CEO of Law Firm S, attended the meeting.

Lawyer Noh Jong Eon, the legal representative, said:

“All OMEGA X members came here with great courage.”

He said: “It’s an unfair problem for these young people in our society and I came to this position with the will to change that.

We have notified the agency of the termination of the contract effective today and sought an injunction to suspend its validity. We will also be filing other criminal and alimony lawsuits in the future.”

At this conference, members spoke

OMEGA X member JAEHAN claimed he was repeatedly sexually harassed CEO KANG, and threatened not to be active if he refused to drink.

“The reason I endured this so far was because of the fear that my last chance would be gone if I didn’t endure it. I endured it, but I had courage for those who are treated unfairly elsewhere and who dream like us.” – JAEHAN

There was also sexual harassment by CEO Kang. “CEO Kang not only forced me to drink after practice, but also sexually harassed me by making sexual remarks or touching my thighs or face,” JAEHAN said.

JAEHAN then said, “But after the drinking, some members received psychiatric treatment and developed anxious feelings because of the verbal abuse crawl.

YECHAN also said, “I had to drink and wasted time instead of working out, there were more negative effects on our values ​​and lives.”

HANGYEOM also said, “There was a strange culture that CEO Kang gave gifts when we knighted at a drunken party. If I didn’t knight, the CEO would sulk or stare at me or treated me with a cold attitude the next day.

CEO KANG added, “If you refuse to drink, there will be no next album,” SEBIN added.

OMEGA X, which had just successfully completed its world tour in October, was embroiled in controversy when a video of a member verbally assaulting CEO Kang was released.

At present, the members of the group, through their lawyers, have requested the immediate termination of their contract.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: OMEGA X press conference

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