ATEEZ: HONGJOONG donates 10 million won in the name of ATINY

On November 17, international relief and development NGO WORLD VISION announced it had received a donation of 10 million won from ATEEZ leader HONGJOONG.


For the 4th anniversary of ATINYs (fandom’s name), WORLD VISION, chaired by Cho Myung-Hwan, announced it had received from ATEEZ captain a donation of 10 million won for the « World Vision Dreaming Children » project. About this donation, HONGJOONG said:

« I am very happy to make a donation in the name of ATINY for the anniversary of the founding of the official fan club. It’s even more meaningful because we can help children who dream of music but who are not in a position to do. »

This donation follows HONGJOONG‘s first photographic exhibition, « FROM NOVEMBER 7, 1998 » which was held from November 1 to 7 to celebrate his 25th anniversary. Since entry to the exhibition was free, it was planned to earn up to 5,000 points per visitor through on-site events. The points accumulated at the end of the event were donated in the form of a donation.


Following this donation, WORLD VISION President Cho Myung-Hwan said:

« This gift made by the artist to make shine his fans will be a great example of another way to spread good influence. In the future, WORLD VISION will do its best to ensure this donation goes to children who dream of becoming musicians so they can dream and challenge the greatest. »

Finally, this project, carried out since 2013, aims to help make children’s dreams come true so they aren’t frustrated by reality. This project also includes a support project for undernourished children as well as a support project for children in crisis situations.

Journalist: Laura
Translator: Laura
Source: KQ Entertainment

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