LEE EUN JI : MC in a new show

Comedian LEE EUN JI is one of the new MCs for a large-scale project that will create a worldwide dance craze.

LEE EUN JI appeared on JTBC‘s « 100 DNAcers » show, which first aired on November 30th, 2022, and joined as a host a dance project led by top dancers in each field.

On this day’s show, LEE EUN JI and KIM YONG MYEONG presented a wonderful show as the MCs of « 100 DNAcers ». LEE EUN JI, who also practiced dance sport, warmed up the atmosphere by dancing with four outstanding dancers, LIP J, AIKI, RIHEY and HARIMU.

LEE EUN JI personally met her dance team, who prepared a performance centered on LIP J among the four dancers, and gave them moral encouragement. LEE EUN JI, who was watching the rehearsal, looked in awe, sent generous cheers, and worked hard to create the best teamwork.

Then they moved to Gwanghwamun Square with the dancers, showing their overwhelming anticipation for the performance that a mega team of dancers would create together.

LEE EUN JI induced a positive response ahead of the AIKI team’s group dance, which was the final stage, and energized the performance to decorate the finale. After all the steps were completed, the first group of dancers to go to Las Vegas was selected after an in-depth discussion with the dancers, heralding the start of a great journey.

JTBC‘s « 100 DNAcers » program airs every Wednesday at 8:50 p.m. KST.

Journalist : Emilie
Translator : Emilie

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