QUEENZ EYE : A new group with promising success

The new girl group QUEENZ EYE is attracting attention as a talented representative group of the 4th generation thanks to their performances and covers.

Having debuted on October 24th, 2022 with « QUEENZ TABLE » QUEENZ EYE (composed of WONCHAE, HANNAH, NARIN, AHYUN, DAMIN and JENNA) caused a stir by promoting the title song « Yummy yummy », which left a strong impact on K-pop fans.

QUEENZ EYE members directly participated in the choreography of their first title track « Yummy yummy », further revealing the colors of the group and showing strong synergy between the six members, having made an impact on global fans who regard them as talented.

Even before their debut, the group QUEENZ EYE posted dance cover videos on their official YouTube channel, including « Smokin out the window » by WONCHAE and « Don’t call me » in which all members participated, recorded a high number of views and gained explosive popularity. In this regard, fans expressed their admiration saying : « These are performances you can trust and see », and they showed their incredible energy for the young group.

QUEENZ EYE‘s overwhelming skills and charisma acted as a differentiated advantage, catching the attention of fans around the world. Moreover, the girls drew attention to the fact that they will prove their infinite growth potential and establish themselves as representative idols of the 4th generation.

Additionally, QUEENZ EYE showed off her cute side by appearing on MBC AHN YOUNG MI’s RADIO STAR, JTBC HIDDEN SINGER, and KIM YOUNG CHUL’s SBS POWER FM. DAMIN‘s personal window-washing skills elicited an explosive response, ands WONCHAE‘s vocal impersonation of LEE JUNG JAE from the movie « Assassination » brought smiles to many people’s faces. The exceptional English skills of HANNAH and NARIN as well as the eloquence of the newcomers also attracted attention.

Also, QUEENZ EYE held a fan meet-and-greet event for their debut. In total, the 300 tickets were sold out in less than a day, proving the group’s popularity.

In this way, QUEENZ EYE, which brings joy to fans all over the world by combining not only the ability of self-confidence but also a sense of humor, raises expectations for its next release after its debut album « QUEENZ TABLE ».

Journalist : Emilie
Translator : Emilie

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