SEVENTEEN: VERNON in force for his mixtape

SEVENTEEN’s VERNON has released an additional music video teaser a day before the release of his first solo mixtape “BLACK EYE.”

Pledis Entertainment also released a video teaser for the first solo music video for VERNON’sBLACK EYE” mixtape on SEVENTEEN’s official SNS at midnight on December 22. Like the first teaser video released earlier, part of the song “Black eye” was released, raising the expectations of fans.

The second teaser video with a VERNON-centric concept draws attention with sultry visual beauty as if filmed with a camcorder. VERNON’s free and rebellious appearance, like screaming or holding a baseball bat, leaves a strong afterimage.

Black eye“, in which VERNON composed and wrote the song, is a pop-punk genre song with a relaxed voice and a happy group sound, with a free and rebellious mood. VERNON is expected to relieve listeners’ frustration and stress by forming a consensus with “Black eye,” which suits his unique low voice.

Black Eye” will be released on popular music sites such as iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music at 2 p.m. KST on December 23 and via global music platform SoundCloud.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Pledis Entertainment

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