B.O.M: Three additional members

MNH Entertainment’s first boy group “B.O.M (Boys of MNH, working name)” has begun serious preparations for its debut by posting profile pictures of its members.


B.O.M released the profile pictures of members MYUNGHO, MINHO, and YOONSUNG on its official SNS on December 28.

MYUNGHO, who was unveiled for the first time, caught the eye with his clear features and piercing eyes. It’s impressive to see that it crosses chic and softness through subtle gestures. The focus is on the performance that MYUNGHO, who has sexy visuals and unparalleled charm, will show with his debut.


MINHO, who was unveiled next, attracted admiration with a variety of elements, with sweet eyes and photogenic poses that overwhelmed fans’ eyes. The mysterious and dreamy composition of light combined with MINHO’s charming eyes, leading to a deeper mood.

YOONSUNG showed off his sweet charisma. The white color’s bright vibe brought out the youngster’s flawless visuals, his wet hair and simple style doubled down on YOONSUNG’s pure and clean charm.


B.O.M is the first boy group in 2023 brought by MNH Entertainment, which includes Chung Ha, Lim Sang Hyun, and VVON.


After JAEHYUN and KYUNGMIN, B.O.M., who alternately posted MYUNGHO, MINHO, and YOONSUNG, only released three member profile pictures. Attention is focused on the concept that the eight members will launch early next year.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS B.O.M

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