BXB: New group, new start

New idol group BXB confirmed its debut on the 30th.

The Wolfburn agency caught the eye by posting a video of the logo with a strong mood along with the news of BXB’s debut on its official SNS on January 10.

The name of the group BXB (Formerly APR Project) means “Boy By Brush“, which melts the heart to express various chapters with various musical genres as if drawing youth.

BXB plans to firmly imprint its name on the audience by expressing various emotions and feelings such as joy, sadness, love, anger and jealousy which can be shown in cartoons for young people through the subject of “Youth Cartoon“, which lets you feel youth intuitively.

BXB is a five-boy group consisting of JIHUN (vocal), HYUNWOO (rap, dance), SIWOO (rap), HAMIN (vocal), and JUN (vocal). In particular, JIHUN, HYUNWOO, SIWOO and HAMIN, were part of the eight-member boy group TRCNG which debuted in 2017, released two pre-released albums in the youth trilogy “Sadness, Start, and Flight” under the APR Project’s name ahead of their debut as BXB, raising fan expectations for their official debut with sensational music.

BXB is expected to show off its mighty wings again, heralding the birth of a “complete new boy band” with the ending of “Flight,” the final story in the youth trilogy, and the “new beginning.” from BXB.

BXB plans to sequentially release various teaser content on its official SNS ahead of the release of its debut album on January 30.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS BXB

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