N.SSIGN: First concert before debut

Youth Star” winner N.SSIGN will host the group’s first “Zepp Tour” ahead of their official debut.

N.SSIGN (Hyun, Junhyuk, Doha, Hanjun, Huiwon, Sungyun, and Kazuta) will hold a “Zepp tour” in five major Japanese cities starting February 25.

N.SSIGN is the final winner of Channel A’s audition show “Youth Star“, which aired last year, and proves its international popularity by hosting a “Zepp tour” for the first time before its official debut. Starting in Nagoya on February 25, N.SSIGN will meet fans in Osaka on February 26, Sapporo on March 4, Fukuoka on March 21, and Tokyo on March 25 and 26.

“N.SSIGN” is getting a lot of attention from domestic and overseas fans. In particular, “Youth Star Winner Special Album” ranked third on the Japanese iTunes K-pop album chart, measuring N.SSIGN’s recognition in Japan.

As a result, the “n.CHworld Live 2022 ‘in Japan‘ was held in Tokyo and Osaka last December. On CHworld Live 2022 in Japan, the special gift albums “Woo Woo” and “Have All Except You” were released for the first time, captivating local fans.

Since then, N.SSIGN‘s “Woo Woo (이게 말이 돼?)” has been sold as a limited-edition album platform in Japan, and it was quickly sold out, proving Japanese fans’ passionate love for N.SSIGN.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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