CHERRY BULLET: A 4th anniversary

Group CHERRY BULLET releases a video to celebrate the 4th anniversary of its debut.

In this video, the members tell us about the different moments that marked his 4 years. In particular the most important moment, which for many of the members will remain the showcase of their debut.

Because this is a special moment, the moment they were waiting for the most because it was going to mark their meeting with their fans and concretize what they had been training for so long.

For others, it’s the release of the second mini-album, or some very specific performances.

The celebration of this anniversary continues on video, and members must respond with answers having 4 syllables, in relation to the number of years of career. On the feeling they have at the moment, the girls answer that they are happy, “lovely”, “wonderful” and “So happy” to be able to celebrate with the “Lullet” (fans of the group) this anniversary.

A strong feeling that emerges is that the members want to perform in front of their fans, with a concert, a fan meeting or other. But it is absolutely necessary that they are on stage for their happiness and that of their fans.

Find all the answers in the video, and be present at the MIK Festival where the group will perform on stage in Paris on February 18.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS Cherrybullet

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