KIM DONG CHAN: A first solo album for the actor

Singer and actor KIM DONG CHAN will be releasing his first solo song.


KIM DONG CHAN‘s first solo song “돈꽃,” which will be released on various online music sites at noon on January 26, is a trotting song that can show off KIM DONG CHAN‘s attractive voice and powerful singing ability.

In addition, the song was submitted for KIM DONG CHAN by Shin Jae Dong, who rubbed shoulders with each other in the National Singing Competition, where KIM DONG CHAN generously showed his talent, and it showed off the artist(s brilliant and pleasant charm with an addictive melody.


In 2015, KIM DONG CHAN worked with comedian Kim Kyung Jin as a trotting duo “Shinha” and released albums such as “운수대통“, “너의 사랑 너의 사랑“, and “사랑의 사기꾼“. In the past, he appeared on “National Singing Contest” and danced to Park Gu Yoon’s “Woodman” and earned the nickname “빨간 지게꾼” from the audience.

KIM DONG CHAN, who has also shown his charm as a versatile artist in dramas and movies, plans to meet the audience as a singer with his main work to promote his presence. Expectations are high whether KIM DONG CHAN, who showed his star quality as “빨간 지게꾼”, will be able to receive a response from the public through his solo album.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Totalset

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