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ONEWE: Short interview of the members for “GRAVITY”

Boyband ONEWE proved its  unrivaled musicality with its first English album “GRAVITY”.


ONEWE released its first full English-language album “GRAVITY” on various music sites on January 28. This new album is a full album that YONGHOON and KANGHYUN, who are currently serving in the military, completed ahead of time before enlisting, and fans are excited about ONEWE’s decision to give them this while they are away.

The album contains a total of 11 tracks, including 10 songs which have been reworked by translating them into English, such as the name of the album and the new song “Gravity” of the same name. With the members participating in writing and composing all songs, “Gravity” is YONGHOON’s self-composed song. CYA and KANGHYUN also participated in the song work and showed off the look of a complete group. It’s a song that highlights the restrained yet sophisticated performance and appealing vocals of the five members, which heralded a drastic shift in concept towards “dark sexiness” that has never been seen before.

The following is the Q&A from ONEWE, who have released its first full-length album in English since its debut.

Q. You have released your first full English album “GRAVITY” since your debut. What is your feeling?

HARIN: I’m very nervous because this is my first English album as a member of ONEWE. “GRAVITY” has worked hard to show ONEWE’s bolder and more sophisticated appearance, which is different from the existing appearance.

DONGMYEONG: I’m so excited to release an album that I’ve been preparing since the beginning of last year. I hope this will be an opportunity for overseas fans to have easier access to ONEWE’s music.

CYA: It’s an album that I’ve been preparing for a long time, so I’m more happy and excited about this release. I am happy to show the unconventional side of ONEWE.


Q. Is there a particular reason why you prepared a complete album in English?

HARIN: As a group, ONEWE prepared to engage in musical exchanges with people from different cultures.

DONGMYEONG: In most of ONEWE’s existing songs the lyrics are in Korean, and we have been planning and recording each song since the beginning of last year so that more overseas WEVE (official fan club name) can easily access to our songs.

CYA: Fortunately, so many overseas people liked ONEWE’s music, so I wanted to thank them. I think I wrote and recorded songs with enthusiasm.

Q. What is the meaning of the title “GRAVITY” and the album of the same name?

HARIN: The rhythm of the song is sexy and the melody is addictive. As the title suggests, I paid a lot of attention when playing the drums to sound like I was being sucked in by gravity.

DONGMYEONG: It’s a rock genre with the dark and sexy vibe of ONEWE. If pure and emotional music was shown through the “Space Series“, this song was formed in the opposite direction.

CYA: It’s a very sexy song, as well as our visuals. None of the ONEWE songs featured much bass in the drop part of the chorus, but for the first time there is bass play in the drop part. Personally, I think this part is one of the deadliest parts. I hope you like it.


Q. You reworked all the songs except the title track “Gravity” in English. Were there any difficulties in the process?

DONGMYEONG: Some situations were somewhat unreasonable in the direct translation of existing lyrics. While trying to adapt, I tried to implement the meaning and expression of the Korean version as similar as possible.

CYA: Personally, the pronunciation part was difficult. However, I think I was able to finish it well because I watched the staging in detail.


Q. What are the particular listening points of this first complete English album of ONEWE, “GRAVITY”?

DONGMYEONG: There are many parts that use different vocalizations because they sing with English lyrics as well as different expressions from the original song. I think it would be fun to compare and listen to that.

CYA: The English version of the rap part changed the rhythm a lot during the recording process. When the beat changes, the mood of the song changes significantly, so if you focus on the rap part, you may experience a different feeling.


Q. “GRAVITY” is the second work that YONGHOON and KANGHYUN released after joining the military. What does this album represent for ONEWE?

HARIN: This album was prepared to show more different sides of ONEWE. It’s also an album ready to pay tribute to the WEVE and those who love us during our break.

DONGMYEONG: It’s our own gift for those who love ONEWE’s music and a small reward for fans who wait during the break.

CYA: It’s an album we worked very hard on even before the two members joined the army so that WEVE wouldn’t feel the absence. I hope WEVE are happy, and I hope you listen to it a lot and like it. It’s an album that I prepared thinking a lot about WEVE.

Q. Currently, members YONGHOON and KANGHYUN are fulfilling their military duties. I’m curious how the two members are doing.

HARIN: These days it’s easy to contact them even in the military, so we keep in touch often. They are fine and healthy.

DONGMYEONG: They are fine. I think we’ve been in the most contact now since I started. My “brothers” often call me.

CYA: We keep in touch every day. They are fine, healthy, and they want to be released quickly and work together as soon as possible. Please look forward to ONEWE’s album, which will be released in 2024.


Q. It has already been 4 years since your debut. What is your New Year’s resolution for 2023?

HARIN: This year, the five members cannot work together, but the goal is to maintain their respective positions until everyone returns.

DONGMYEONG: This year, there will be a brief break in the activities of the whole group, but I hope you are looking forward to us with members or for personal activities.

CYA: I hope “my brothers” who serve in the military get along well every day without hurting each other, and personally, I want to show WEVE my growth and my new self.

Q. Finally, do you have something to say to the WEVE.

HARIN: Thank you for always trusting me and supporting me so much. I hope WEVE around the world can feel ONEWE’s music a little closer through this album. Please enjoy “GRAVITY” very much!

DONGMYEONG: I think I was able to work harder because you liked, listened to and waited for ONEWE’s music. We will reward you with great music and activities that can satisfy WEVE’s expectations and love.

CYA: I still love you very much and hope people don’t get sick. WEVE, I love you! Fighting to us for 2023!

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: RBW

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