N.SSIGN: First fan meeting in Japan

“Youth Star” winner N.SSIGN has successfully completed its first Japanese fan meeting.

Idol group N.SSIGN met Japanese fans on February 18 for the “N.SSIGN 1ST JAPAN FANMEETING ‘SALTY’” produced by ABEMA. While the fan meeting was held in several times, the second one was broadcast live online on ABEMA’s original, realizing the global popularity of N.SSIGN.

N.SSIGN has been creating memories with fans through a variety of events as well as high-quality live stages. In particular, the music video for the pre-debut mini album “SALTY” and title track “Salty” were released for the first time, garnering enthusiastic responses from fans.

Woo woo”, “Bounce!”,Need U” and “Beautiful” were unveiled beautifully.

Then, through a variety of activities, not only did fans learn about the chemistry and relationship between the members, but the members also revealed the behind-the-scenes story of the “Salty” music video with paintings drawn by the members themselves, giving them a different pleasure.

N.SSIGN performed “Salty” live as the ending song and promised to meet again. On that day, the first Japanese fan meeting ended successfully with a total of 5,000 spectators, including 2,000 people on the first date and 3,000 people for the second.

N.SSIGN was recently broadcast live exclusively on Abema Original. He proved his popularity in Japan by only appearing on SSign TV. Additionally, the group is set to visit five Japanese cities for the first time before their official debut.

The group will continue to communicate with Japanese fans by visiting Nagoya on March 25, Osaka on March 26, Sapporo on March 4, Fukuoka on March 21, and Tokyo on March 25 and 26.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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