DUSTIN: Group photos for the return

Reformed idol group DUSTIN has released group photos, showing it and growing stronger with new overseas members.


DUSTIN’s agency, NA.ent, said, “This is an evolving boy band that currently consists of six people and will have an official performance starting in March.”

The agency also mentioned, DUSTIN’s program will begin domestic and overseas activities in March by appearing in “K-STAGE,” a global online program, and producing promotional merchandise for fans.”


The joining of Brazilian RAPHAEL, who is fluent in “Brazilian, Japanese, Spanish, English, Korean”, Japanese member ALEX who speaks “Japanese, English and Korean” and original member DAON of the activities of the first album “BURN” will thus allow a worldwide promotion.

DUSTIN members are stepping up preparations for their May comeback, excitedly stating, “We are currently preparing for various online and offline stage activities as well as domestic fans and global fans who have experienced a lack during the pandemic.”

DUSTIN, who is currently preparing his album with the newly arrived members, is preparing for a fan concert with “Star Call” scheduled for the end of April in pre-promotion for the album release.

Journaliste : Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source : NA.Ent

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