ATEEZ: A duo photo concept that goes beyond the limits

On February 27 and 28, ATEEZ released duo photos for its second Japanese single, « LIMITLESS », on its official SNS.


After unveiling individual photos for each member last week, ATEEZ revealed duo concept photos earlier this week.

In the first duo photos, HONGJOONG and YUNHO showed a charismatic appearance posing in all-black outfits accompanied by a foil and a fencing mask. The two ATEEZ members then show us a perfect chemistry reminiscent of the image of « Joongdi » for HONGJOONG and « Daengdi » for YUNHO during MBC’s radio show, « IDOL RADIO ».

SEONGHWA and YEOSANG captured fans’ hearts by showing their flawless visuals. Indeed, the two ATEEZ members pose in front of the camera with a determined attitude. There is also a contrast between SEONGHWA‘s blonde hair and YEOSANG‘s black hair that catches the eye to the two members’ visuals.

SAN and WOOYOUNG transmit through their photos a certain tension by posing from the side and in different directions. Like the previous photos, the contrast allowed with WOOYOUNG‘s red hair, and SAN‘s black hair draws attention to their fiery gaze directed towards the camera.

As for MINGI and JONGHO, they pose with a black band where the title of the album « LIMITLESS » is written in red. They show in these latest photos an intense, boundary-breaking charm. Indeed, accompanied by their foils, the two ATEEZ members seem ready to move into action.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ’s third Japanese mini album, « THE WORLD EP. PARADIGM », released in November 2022, topped several Japanese Oricon charts: « Daily », « Weekly », and « Weekly Total ». But it also reached Billboard Japan’s « Hot Album » and « Top Album Sales » charts, showing ATEEZ‘s popularity in Japan and raising high expectations for this new album.

Finally, ATEEZ‘s second Japanese single, « LIMITLESS », will be released on March 22.

Journalist: Laura
Translator: Laura
Source: KQ Entertainment / SNS ATEEZ

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