ATEEZ: A sports photo concept for « LIMITLESS »

From March 6 to 9, ATEEZ released new individual photos for its second Japanese single, « LIMITLESS », on its official SNS.


After unveiling a charismatic first concept photo earlier, ATEEZ is drawing attention with a sporty and fresh new style.

In these new concept photos, HONGJOONG poses in front of the lens with a dynamic pose and a unique style. While SEONGHWA poses with downcast eyes and holds his black jacket’s collar. These first two individual photos created some excitement from fans.

Meanwhile, YUNHO poses with a black jacket and a playful expression while winking at the camera. For his part, YEOSANG poses with a red hoodie and a perfectly sculptured visual that captivated fans.

Both SAN and MINGI caught fans’ attention by posing respectively with caps and headbands. The contrast between MINGI‘s blond hair and SAN‘s black hair draws attention to their confident attitudes.

While WOOYOUNG poses seated and from the side while wearing headphones. This pose is strongly reminiscent of a youth drama just like JONGHO‘s. The youngest member of ATEEZ poses in front of the camera with a relaxed attitude that captivated fans.

The second single, « LIMITLESS », will include two new songs: the title track, « LIMITLESS », which the theme is not giving up in the face of adversity and believing in your potential to move forward, as well as a new Japanese original song called « Diamond ».

Finally, ATEEZ‘s second Japanese single, « LIMITLESS », will be released on March 22.

Journalist: Laura
Translator: Laura
Source: KQ Entertainment / SNS ATEEZ

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