LEE CHAE YEON: Pure or sophisticated

Singer LEE CHAE YEON showed off her stylish dress appearance.


On March 29, agency WM Entertainment released a new set of concept photos for LEE CHAE YEON’s second mini album “OVER THE MOON” on its official SNS, further heightening expectations for a comeback.

In the published images, LEE CHAE YEON exudes unexpected charm in a white dress and a red dress in distinctly different moods. In the daytime version, where she appeared wearing a white dress and simple but charming accessories, LEE CHAE YEON‘s pure and delicate emotions came out intact, arousing admiration. In particular, her bright eyes and shy smile show the excitement of her return, attracting more attention.


On the other hand, LEE CHAE YEON in the night version appears in a colorful red dress, immediately catching the eye with a mood that is the opposite of the day version. She makes a strong impression by perfectly showing off the elegant and captivating looking dress and showing off her unique aura. As the concept photos are released sequentially, K-POP fans are paying special attention to the return of LEE CHAE YEON, who shows off her ever-changing charm like a chameleon.


LEE CHAE YEON proudly succeeded as a solo artist by releasing her debut album “HUSH RUSH” in October last year. She has well established her position as an “all-round solo artist” by being recognized for her exclusive patented performance, growing in vocals. It also managed to enter major music charts in Korea immediately after its release and surpassed 10 million views about four days after the music video was released, leaving a significant record.


LEE CHAE YEON will be releasing her second mini album “OVER THE MOON” on various music sites at 6 p.m. KST on April 12 and will begin their promotional activities in earnest.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: WM Entertainment

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