Friday, December 1, 2023

EVEN: A new challenge, a new start

YONG HOON, former member of the group W.O.W., will change his stage name to EVEN and have a fresh start.


EVEN will release his first digital single “BOY” on music sites like Melon at noon on May 15. He even said, “The first single contains what I want to talk about,” adding, “I want to get closer to hip-hop fans in the future.”

The young man even joined the army last February. “Boy” was recorded before he left. He not only wrote the lyrics for the autobiographical story himself, but also took part in the composition. It’s a hip-hop song with an emotional piano performance and a great bass line.

“Boy” is impressive in its lyrics that honestly convey its story. “The boy who was trapped in the dark and wading/But I hate it more when I give in/Huh, I don’t like it anymore, I’m not gonna be a joker.

EVEN even gained attention by appearing on MBC’s idol audition show “Under Nineteen.” Since then, he has changed from YONG HOON to his real name CHOI YONG HOON.

After he is discharged from the army next August, he will write his second act as a solo singer, EVEN.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Narda Entertainment

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