Friday, September 29, 2023
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EXO: Three members file lawsuit against SM Entertainment

Three group members EXO, CHEN, BAEKHYUN and XIUMIN (hereinafter referred to as CBX), have notified their agency SM Entertainment of the termination of their exclusive contract.


The three CBX members claiming they had coerced into signing a “slavery contract”. On the other hand, SM Entertainment claims that external forces have encouraged disputes over this.

CBX said through attorney Lin Jae Hak on June 1, “Despite a request to SM Entertainment to provide a copy of the payment data by May 31 that was made, without receipt of it. we will inevitably end the existing exclusive contract on June 1.

There are two main reasons why CBX asked SM Entertainment to terminate their exclusive contract: opaque payment and unfair long-term contracts.

First, CBX explained, “For all remunerated activities, SM Entertainment is obligated under the exclusive contract and the Pop Culture and Arts Industry Development Act to provide artists with the notification of total income, cost of deduction, and amount to be awarded.”

In response, CBX urged that a copy of the payment data be provided by May 31 through seven requests since March 21, but SM Entertainment insisted that it was unable to provide a copy of the data.

Additionally, CBX complained that the long-term exclusive contract was also concluded unfairly, adding, “SM Entertainment forces artists to sign so-called ‘slave’ contracts due to their status. superior (agency that is part of TOP4)“.

CBX explained that the contracts were signed for excessively long periods (12/13 years) depending on the activities in Korea and/or abroad (including their trainee period).

CBX recalled the case of the TVXQ group that took place in the past. SM Entertainment taking all control over the economic freedoms and fundamental rights of artists.

SM Entertainment also immediately spoke out. Saying that CBX’s actions stemmed from the abuse of outside forces. “External forces are identified to approach our artists and provide false information/poor legal assessments, ignoring their exclusive contracts and making unconventional suggestions,”

Adding “External forces have no intention of really thinking about the artist.

In particular, SM Entertainment pointed out, “This attempt by outside forces is a clear illegal act, and there is also a hidden intention to destroy the existing group by encouraging conflicts between the company and the artists, and the artists among themselves.”

The case continues to find out if the contracts will be terminated and that the 3 members will leave the agency.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source : Korean Medias


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