Friday, September 29, 2023
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GONGMYUNG : A denouement for Bi-ryum.

      Biryum’s (GONGMYUNG) the romantic story for Moora (Jung Soo-jeong).

Gongmyung the bride of 1
      During the episode broadcasted on the 14th, Biryum (GONGMYUNG) confessed his love for Moo-ra (Jung Soojung). The mischievous Moora, the side Biryum always knew, had none effect on him during the “kissing scene”. Actually it was her adorable face that convinced GONGMYUNG to kiss her.
      It was also due to the fact that Biryum kept his feeling for himself for so long that this scene was a success. One day adorable and the other, scary and mysterious, Biryum’s love for Moore stayed the same.
      Beginning to end, Biryum and Moora are always fighting but Biryum was not only able to win the woman’s heart but to give the audience the need to see their relationship grow into something more.
        During the casting, he gave proof of his talent and enthusiasm, and the critic was very positive : “the fascinating character of Biryum fit GONGMYUNG like a glove”, “from beginning to end, GONGMYUNG was Biryum” “Biryum is totally my style”.
          You can see GONGMYUNG,nicknammed the “stealer” in “The Bride of the water God” every mondays and thursday at 22h50 on tvN.

Journalist : Noeline
Source : Fantagio ent., tvN

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