The men of Namsan: In Normandie.

     After Washington, Seoul and Paris, the small town of Vernonnet, in Vernon in the Eure (France), saw the shooting of a Korean film “The Men of Namsan (남산의 부장 들)”.

Les hommes de Namsan (4)

     The film, directed by the South Korean director WOO MIN-HO, is from a book with the same name. The actors LEE BYUNG HYUN, LEE SUNGMIN or GWAK DO WON, took place in the streets of the small Normandie town to shoot. That’s how a little more than 150 people – Korean and French teams – took place from 6 am to 8 pm at night.

     The city was chosen by the Korean team to embody a village near Paris in the 70’s. In order to stick to the ambiance of the scene, the street of the shooting saw these signs disappear, and natural scenery appear (dead leaves, gray soil …).

Les hommes de Namsan (3)

     The film, which will be released in the course of 2019, will let you see the charm of France through the city of Vernon, a beautiful little town in Normandie.

Journalist/Reporter : Tsakey
Photographer : Tsakey

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