KIM YONGGUK : He reveals a second photo teaser.

Chinese singer Jin Longguo (aka KIM YONGGUK) shows a strong authenticity on the teaser pictures for his second mini-album.


Today, singer KIM YONGGUK has revealed another photo teaser for his second solo mini-album called MONO DIARY.

On the picture, the young man adopts a rather serene and quiet expression as he closes his eyes. He appears as more mature.

KIM YONGGUK‘s fans are all excited to discover what the singer has prepared for this second mini-album that marks his return after a year of hiatus.

Up to now, the artist has always surprised his fans by various concepts and images. He might surprise them once again.

MONO DIARY will be available on streaming websites from the 29th of August. Stay tuned!

Journalist: Plum
Translator: Plum
Source : CHOON Entertainment

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