ROCKET PUNCH : Their online fan meeting.

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New girl group ROCKET PUNCH has decided to organize an online fan meeting to celebrate the release of their debut album.


Yesterday, the six-member girl group ROCKET PUNCH has done a live on Twitter to celebrate the release of their very first album with their fans from all around the world.

The girls started their live by answering questions they had prepared beforehand and questions that were asked by their fans on live. They also revealed the Behind The Scenes of the MV of their single “BIM BAM BUM” and have shared their goals as well as their upcoming projects and activities.

This online fan meeting gathered over 160 000 fans. ROCKET PUNCH is therefore referred as the most popular new girl band of this second half of the year.

The group is hitting new records as the MV of their song “BIM BAM BUM” reached over a million views after only five days of release. Besides, their first album PINK PUNCH is at the top of the iTunes music charts in five different countries. Although it hasn’t been more than two weeks since ROCKET PUNCH debuted, the band seems to be already internationally successful.

Earlier today, ROCKET PUNCH has performed “BIM BAM BUM” and “Love is over” on the SHOW CHAMPION stage, a Korean TV show that is aired on MBC MUSIC every Wednesday at 6 pm on Korean TV.

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Source : WOOLLIM Entertainment

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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