Monday, December 4, 2023
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JI CHANG WOOK : Korean biker look.

     Actor JI CHANG WOOK covers the magazine “First Look”.

JI CHANG WOOK draws attention with his motorcycle and leather jacket on the Jeju Island scenery, highlighting a strong and incomparable atmosphere.


     For this shooting JI CHANG WOOK has been involved in shooting and looking for places. By proposing the island of Jeju, the actor wanted to highlight this natural side and biker. The last photo highlights the charisma of the actor, straddling his bike, wearing a simple t-shirt and pants, the actor JI CHANG WOOK, with these photos in black and white, makes us relive a moment of time past.


      JI CHANG WOOK then showed his affection and his expectations for the new tvN drama “Melting me softly“, in which he has a role and whose first broadcast will be on September 28th..

I chose the role because of the content of the drama and its interesting scenario. I trust the director, the writer, and I look forward to seeing the result, having done my best.”

     He said in the interview after the photo shoot.

     On the cover of magazine, you will find in this one more photos and an interview of the actor. Exit at the newsstands September 26th.

Journalist : Shawn
Translator : Shawn
Source : Glorious Entertainment

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