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BTOB : JUNG IL HOON is ready for the army.

Fans knew it and were expecting it : the last news from JUNG IL HOON are announcing his upcoming departure for the army.


While the rapper of the KPOP band BTOB, JUNG IL HOON, had not given any news from him for a while, fans, who were expecting it, have still been surprised when they learned his upcoming departure for the army.

On an Instagram post, the singer published a photo with his hair cut, explaining he was ready for his military service. When he published the photo, he didn’t precise any date for the begining of his enlistment but it will be coming very soon for sure (the singers YOOK SUNG JAE and LIM HYUN SIK, other members of BTOB, had cut their hair the day before their departure).

CUBE Entertainment officially announced that the singer will be joining the army on May 28th, meaning few hours after he published the photo on his Instagram. The agency also added that he was wishing to join the army quietly, so he decided not to disclose the location and time of his enlistment.

Expected to be good news, reactions to the post showed up fastly when a lot of comments have already been left on the star’s Instagram (approximately 8000 in less than an hour). Melodies (BTOB fandom name), saddened by the departure of one more member of the band (LEE CHANG SUB, LEE MIN HYUK, LIM HYUN SIK and YOOK SUNG JAE are currently serving, SEO EUN KWANG came back on April, 7th), wished their idol to remain in good health and to take care of himself while serving, explaining that they will wait for his comeback and for BTOB’s comeback in 2022, for their 10th anniversary on stage.

In his message, the singer did apologize as he didn’t give any news to his fans for a while. He explained that he was feeling frustrated as he is missing the members of the band currently serving. He also explains he took a break from activites and took care of himself while he was away.

I will come back with a healthier and happy look. I hope you will be happy in the meantim. […] I love you once again, Melody !

Here is a little summary about BTOB‘s member military service :
: enlisted on 2018 August, 21st, discharged on 2020 April, 7th
LEE CHANG SUB : enlisted on 2019 January, 19th, to be discharged on 2020 August, 21st
LEE MIN HYUK : enlisted on 2019 February, 7th, to be discharged on 2020 September, 12th
LIM HYUN SIK : enlisted on 2020 May, 11th, to be discharged in 2021 November
YOOK SUNG JAE : enlisted on 2020 May, 11th, to be discharged in 2021 November
JUNG IL HOON : enlisted on 2020 May, 28th, to be discharged in 2022 February

The members have had decided to not enlist all at the same time as the rapper PENIEL, american citizen, has no duty to military service. LEE CHANG SUB had announced, during an interview: “Since PENIEL doesn’t have to go to the military, at least one member will have to stay behind because we can’t leave him alone. We all love each other a lot. We are a family”. 

In south Korea, the military service is a duty for men and have to be executed between 18 and 36 years old. In active corps, it lasts from 21 to 24 months (depending on the corps). Koreans males can not decide the day they enlist.

Journalist : Natacha
Translator: Natacha
Source : BTOB SNS



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