(G)I-DLE: A first concert online

This Sunday, July 5, is held online the concert of the female group (G) I-DLE of the CUBE ENTERTAINMENT.


Composed of members SOYEON, MIYEON, MINNIE, SOOJIN, YUQI and SHUHUA, the group is holding a very first concert called I-LAND online on a streaming platform, allowing fans around the world to obtain a ticket to view members via individual and group shots.

The concert begins with their title “Lion”, the young girls dressed in white and black. They then continue with the song “Hann” before speaking to greet their fans, the NEVERLANDS, in multiple languages. Nervous, they confess that they had trouble sleeping the night before, but assure that they have prepared a lot of exclusive performances, in particular solos.


They then resume with “Maze“, the passionate comments of the fans appearing on a giant screen next to the girls. The performances are powerful and the group gives us the pleasure of singing live. The members continue with “What’s your name” to the delight of fans who do not hesitate to address compliments to young women.

SOYEON makes the atmosphere more electric with a powerful rap when the song “$$$” starts. Once finished, a video is broadcast where we see MINNIE looking through a telescope, then YUQI analyzing a purple piece of paper to unravel its mystery. MIYEON then appears trying his hand at the piano to be replaced by SHUHUA making perfumes. Finally, SOOJIN goes into the kitchen before SOYEON reconstructs the pieces of a key that leads the whole group to a mysterious castle…


The group then returns to the stage with the song “Blow your mind”, in new red outfits this time. Fans continue to rave about the group which continues with “Senorita“. The young girls are all very smiling, seeming delighted to be on stage even if the circumstances are most particular. They then speak again to make sure that the fans have a good time with them, and ask their opinion on the video previously broadcast.

“Acting was a bit akward but so fun” – MINNIE

They then express themselves in foreign languages, trying their hand at Chinese, Thai, Japanese and English. They then reveal that the biggest difficulty for them was to choose which songs to present, wanting to sing them all. To the delight of the fans, they continue with solo performances that they have hard prepared.

MINNIE launches first with a song called “Why do you love me“, the young woman singing in English, supported by a guitar, replaced by YUQI who also sings in English the title “What about us“, title more pop than the previous member. MIYEON continues with “What not” in the same language in a magical atmosphere. Finally, MIYEON, MINNIE and YUQI offer a delicate trio where the voices of the three members agree perfectly. While the group stays with the group getting ready, they take a few minutes to speak with their fans.

“I used to sing this song when I was still a trainee. It reminds me of good memories. ” – MIYEON

For MINNIE, the title she chose to sing was asked by many of her fans, and for YUQI, it was precisely MINNIE who suggested this title to her. Each song therefore represents something for the members. They ask fans to choose a name for their subunit and keep Puppypup as their name. Finally, they call on the remaining members to go on stage to present their solo performance in turn.

SHUHUA opens the ball for this second part with traditional Korean dance, an angelic air in a long white dress. So comes SOOJIN who offers a sultry and sulphurous dance. Finally, SOYEON rap as she knows how to do it. They finally come together to perform the title “Put it straight” immersed in a more sinister atmosphere, under red lights and surrounded by lightning before giving way to their latest title, “Oh my god”. Then comes the performance “Luv U“, the fans continuing to show their enthusiasm.


Again, the group addresses fans and expresses its desire to be able to quickly meet the NEVERLANDS when the world situation is restored. They then share compliments on each other’s solo performances. Members flip their microphone past to perform a song that has been in high demand by fans; “Maybe” then continue with “Fire”, title they presented during their participation in the show Queendom and continue with “Popstar“.

“Let’s have fun together until the end” – (G)I-DLE

They then announce their last song which marked the beginnings of the group, namely “Latata”, accompanied by fanchants to give the impression that the fans are really present with them. To encourage the group to come back, we ask the NEVERLANDS to write a comment “Latata“, so that the young women perform once again. The members end up appearing on the screen again, but backstage this time. They present the stage where they perform since the launch of the concert, as well as all the staff present to frame and make the event possible.


Finally, accompanied by lightsticks, they start singing again with the title “UH-OH” to end this concert online with the song “I’m the trend“, song dedicated to their fans, after two hours of intense shows. The young women thank – in several languages ​​- all their fans and the production team around them before leaving the stage, causing the sadness of many NEVERLANDS. However, they promise to return very quickly to meet their fans, around the world. A backstage video is then broadcasted to show the making of the video they turned for the concert.

The words of our reporter: “Despite some small technical difficulties encountered with the live broadcast, the members of the group (G) I-DLE were able to offer a wide performance panel for their very first concert. No doubt the fans have got their money’s worth, because the girls gave their all. “

Journalist: PILLET Anaïs
Photos: CUBE Entertainment
Sources: CUBE Entertainment, KSTATION TV

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