Friday, September 29, 2023
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LEE CHANG SUB finally got discharged and made a live for the fans.


LEE CHANG SUB, vocalist of the KPOP band BTOB, finally came back from his military service that he started on January, 19th, 2019. A big news for the fans who were waiting for him  with a lot of impatience

To celebreate his return, a live diner has been prepared so the singer could face his fans through the camera. First with PENIEL, one of the rappers of the band, he did eat before receiving a call. Fans could have the surprise to hear YOOK SUNG JAE, another vocalist of the band,  qui is currently service and called his older member to congratulate him. Few minuts later, another vocalist, LIM HYUN SIK, also serving, called during the live to congratulate him. While LEE CHANG SUB and PENIEL were on phone with LIM HYUN SIK, YOOK SUNG JAE called again and the idols talked through the speaker, during several minut and had a lot of fun. Melody, fandom of the band, were very happy to get news from almost all the members.


After more than an hour with his friend, PENIEL had to leave. LEE CHANG SUB found himlself alone and finished his dinner before answering some Melodies’ questions. The leader of the band, SEO EUN KWANG, vocalist,  called LEE CHANG SUB during the live to tell him he didn’t know what to do because he could not come. While his voice was sounding weirdly, the leader appeared in front of his friend to congratulate him. Even if he could not stay long, they had a lot of fun.


The video of LEE CHANG SUB comeback lasts for almost 2h. The star reveals some informations and promised the fans to make an 8h live after he turn the wheel (SEO EUN KWANG had to make a 12h live). Fans can now expect a longer video!

SEO EUN KWANG said, during an interview, that LEE CHANG SUB, PENIEL LEE MIN HYUK and himself had some projects to promote the band as 4 when LEE MIN HYUK would comeback.

The leader of the band, SEO EUN KWANG is the first member who came back from his military service on April 7th. LEE CHANG SUB is the second member and the third one will be LEE MIN HYUK who should be officially discharged on September 12th. Melodies are hoping for an early discharge for the rapper.

SEO EUN KWANG : enlisted on 2018 August, 21st, discharged on 2020 April, 7th
LEE CHANG SUB : enlisted on 2019 January, 19th, On holidays with no return to bast since July 29th – Keeps his military status until August 21st 2020
LEE MIN HYUK : enlisted on 2019 February, 7th, to be discharged on 2020 September, 12th
LIM HYUN SIK : enlisted on 2020 May, 11th, to be discharged in 2021 November, 14th
YOOK SUNG JAE : enlisted on 2020 May, 11th, to be discharged in 2021 November, 14th
JUNG IL HOON : enlisted on 2020 May, 28th, to be discharged in 2022 February, 27th
PENIEL : is an american citizen, has no military duty.

BTOB is a band from CUBE Entertainement who debuted in 2012. After the military service of each member, the band will be reunited for their 10th anniversary, in 2022. Foreigners Melodies hope for an international tour.

Journalist : Natacha
Translator : Natacha
Source & Photos: BTOB Official Youtube Channel



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