Monday, December 4, 2023
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DAY6 : They’re coming back ?

While the band had temporarily stopped its activities, it looks like a comeback is comeing before the end of the year.


While JYP Entertainment had announced a  temporary pause of DAY6’s activities on May 11th, due to some members suffering of anxiety, it looks like the band is “secretly” preparing a comeback before the end of the year.

The twitter page KPOP CHARTS regularly updates the bands who are about to release an album, to make their debuts or to make a comeback. Even if it’s a fanpage, the informations are mostly correct and verified.

In an update from yesterday, making a list of the bands who are about to make a comeback, the fans had the surprise to see the name of DAY6 appearing in the list “To be announced”, meaning that there is no official date announced yet.


This update could have just made the fans curious if the singer JAE, member of DAY6, wouldn’t have told, to a fan, on his Twitter account, few days ago, that they were already working on a new album.


It looks like DAY6 is preparing a comeback. Let’s remember that they decided to take a break when they released their last album “THE BOOK OF US : THE DEMON“.

The very first sub-unit of the band, EVEN OF DAY, is about to released its first album, “THE BOOK OF US : GLUON” on August 31st.

Journalist : Natacha
Translation : Natacha



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