VAV : The new MV is out

On Tuesday, September 15th, at 12pm, VAV made its comeback with the song and the mini-album with the same title : “MADE FOR TWO“.

VAV will never stop surprising us, every comeback is different from the previous one, and this comeback which is really refreshing, shows a maturity and a new side of BARON, ST VAN, ACE, JACOB, AYNO, LOU and ZIU. 

Ateam Entertainment, the agency of the group, said about its 6th mini-album :

“VAV who keep improving from each album, is going to comeback with its 6th Mini-album “MADE FOR TWO” on coming FALL-2020.

VAV’s 6th Mini Album “MADE FOR TWO” is having for title song “Made for two“, and also 4 tracks composed by members which is “Into you”, “Moto“, “Hold tight” and “You taught me love“.

“Made for two” is a mid-tempo track mixing Scandinavia with North Europe style, story-telling the memories and farewell, also promise to meet again in future. The song “Made for two” not only focus on past precious memories of the lovers, but also specially focus on “promise” and “hope for future”. The song is dedicated to couples, meanwhile also represents all memories and promises between VAV and VAMPZ.

For the tracklist, first there’s “Into you“, a self-composed song from leader ST VAN. It’s a refreshing summer EDM track with light beat. Just by listening to the song, VAV seems turning back to be teenagers who are shyly facing their first love.

Next there’s “Moto” from the member AYNO. It is a EDM track with strong self-personality, and it has two meanings : ”Motor” and ”Motto”, referring that this girl is “the motto of my life”. We can get to know AYNO’s motto in the music industry and of course get to know more about his composing talent too.

The member ACE contributed for the album with his song “Hold tight“. This track is a typical ballad song of VAV, which talks about sadness between lovers during farewell. The song sounds heart breaking with piano sound and VAV’s beautiful voice.

Lastly, we have “You taught me love” written by the member LOU. This song was inspired by the movie “A star is born”, the fans can get to know more the affectionate side of VAV throughout the song.

VAV‘s new song “Made for two” is about the sadness of a man during farewell, but he recalled all the beautiful memories and keeps the faith for a reunion in future. Unlike the previous dark concept for the “POISON” album, VAV is looking fresh and young for this up-coming new album. The MV shooting took place at Jeju Island, and fans will be able to see the pretty natural scenery with VAV‘s dance performance and acting.

This album had compiled the past 5 years of VAV, all the music and memories, and also promises to meet again in future. VAV 6th Mini-album “MADE FOR TWO” is a precious yet meaningful album for both VAV and VAMPZ. “

The time has come for vampz to stream and vote, who wants more than anything to give VAV their first win. The french fanbase of the group on Twitter (@VavFrance),  organises a workdwide give away with more than 12 prizes to win.

Journalist: Solenne
Translator: Solenne
Source : Ateam Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

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