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BTOB 4U : The online concert that makes you emotional

When BTOB 4U was releasing its album on November 16th 2020, BTOB’s sub-unit just performed its first online concert.


BTOB 4U is the second sub-unit of the KPOP group BTOB, of CUBE ENTERTAINMENT. BTOB debuted with 7 members in 2012 with the song “Insane“. On December 31st 2020, CUBE ENTERTAINMENT was announcing the departure of the rapper and composer JUNG IL HOON. BTOB is now considered as a 6 members group, including YOOK SUNGJAE & IM HYUNSIK who are currently serving.

BTOB 4U is composed by the members SEO EUNKWANG, LEE MINHYUK, LEE CHANGSUB & SHIN PENIEL. Outside this one last member, the 3 other members made their military service and have been discharged last year. The 4 members worked hard to release their first album “INSIDE” with the title-track “Show your love“. The member IM HYUNSIK, who composed the title-track of the album, was watching the concert from the army and even wrote a little message in the public chat. The members of BTOB 4U also announced that he’d be promoted very soon.

Even with being very busy during the promotion of their song “Show your love“, which known a great success, winning a reward 8 days after its release, it’s quite obvious that the boys have worked very hard to be ready for this concert that did last for a bit less than 2h30.

Among the performances to remember :
SEO EUNKWANG did sing LEE CHANGSUB ‘s solo song : “At the end” (from his album “MARK“)
LEE CHANGSUB did sing SEO EUNKWANG ‘s solo song : “Have a nice day” (from his album “FOREST ENTRANCE“)
LEE MINHYUK did sing his tracks “Hutazone” and “YA” (from his album “HUTAZONE“)
SHIN PENIEL did sing his track “Valentine” (released on digital platforms)
Among the songs they sang together, we will mainly quote “Only one for me“, “Beautiful pain” or even “Missing you” aside from the 5 tracks of their album : “Show your love”, “Bull’s Eye”, “Tension”, “Mirage” & “Alone“.

Finally, SEO EUNKWNAD & LEE CHANGSUB gifted Melody a very memorable performance of the the “Silver Axe & Golden Axe“, their comic duet they created nearly 5 years ago. They did sing a cover of the song “Nangman Oppa” with a funny choregraphy.

During the concert, there were several emotional sequences, for the singers but also the fans. We will mainly remember 2 :
*During “Alone“, a lot of messages from Melody, all around the world, appeared on the background, behind the singers. Some of those messages were talking about  “BTOB is 7” or “7TOB“, to show their support to JUNG ILHOON and the group.


*Finally but mostly, the most touching and emotional moment to remember will be the very last song of the show, “FINALE : Our concert“, that BTOB is used to sing to end their concert. With trembling voice and teary eyes, the members did sing this song while the fans were showing their full support writing, in the chat, the number 7 endlessly, when LEE CHANGSUB was making the number with his finger all along the song while pictures, on the background, were showing BTOB 4U’s members during previous concerts with BTOB.


This last moment was specificly emotional for the singers but also for the fans, who saw, in this scene, a hope to see the group with 7 members someday again.


A concert full of emotions where the singers expressed, mainly, their impatience to be able to group up again and see Melody very soon.

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Journalist : Natacha
Translator : Natacha



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