SCENTOK : MV-log, follow his daily life with music

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KSTATION TV introduced SCENTOK in January 2021 on SPILL THE BEAT.

SPILL THE BEAT: “There is no success alone, with with and thanks to people that we are surrounded by” by SCENTOK and its soft creativity

Since then, SCENTOK does not stop creating content for his Youtube channel. Today, Thursday 4th of March 2021, the rapper unveils the second episode of MV-log, a vidéo that mixes Music Video and Vlog.

His newly made MV-log is based on his latest track “용서“. The track is also available on Soundcloud. For this episode, Jin Young-Hun, or rather called SCENTOK, travels to the KangWon-do (강원도) where tasty food and sea is waiting the “30 years old rapper” (like he likes to call himself).

2 weeks ago, the artist posted the first MV-log, based on the title “FEAR“. And that episode was more about his daily life and habits.

Aside MV-log, SCENTOK also creates some cooking shows and Music Videos. His videos are well made and even if you don’t understand Korean it’s easy to understand what the rapper wants to show us.

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Journalist: Waterice
Translator: Waterice
Source: Scentok SNS

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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