DOG IS INCREDIBLE: The master got bitten

Dogs are incredible” participant LEE KYUNG KYU was bitten by his dog, Simba, while wearing protective gear.

KBS2’s “Dog is incredible” will air at 10:40 pm on March 8th.

That same day, LEE KYUNG KYU and Jang Do Yeon, owner of the Shetland Shifdog, Simba, who are often aggressive when they see strangers, and Kang Hyung Wook abruptly analyzes Simba’s tendency and suggests a solution.

Specifically, LEE KYUNG KYU suffered a bite when he missed a drill while facing Simba to test his aggression. In response, LEE KYUNG KYU will show his warm side in consideration of his worried guardian by saying, “I asked where my cell phone is.”

Kang Hyung Wook also said, “Please keep the leash a little short (so that it doesn’t spin),” he said, raising expectations for Simba’s behavior change.

Dog is incredible,” which provides personalized solutions while asking how to live happily with dogs and people, airs every Monday evening at 10:40 pm.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: KBS2

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