VAV : BARON turns 30

On this day of April 19th, we are celebrating VAV‘s oldest member, the vampz’s vitamin, the one and only BARON !

source : VAV’s SNS


BARON, whose real name is CHOI CHOONG HYUP, was born in Onsan in South Korea. He first started to learn how to dance, and joined a dance team before deciding that he wanted to be a singer. That is how he ended up joining Ateam Entertainment, and debuted with VAV in 2015 with the song “Under The Moonlight” with the first lineup of the group : STVAN, ACE, GYEOUL, XIAO, ZEHAN and JACOB. Since then, his happiness never left the group until his departure for his military service on September 7, 2020.


BARON is one of the most emotional member among VAV, but he is also one of the most optimistic, that’s why his nickname is “vitamin”. He brings joy to whoever meets him. He is a good listener and he is not scared to try new challenges. If you were looking for a group member who could give you economics class and then, give you homeworks about it, you don’t need to search anymore ! BARON is there for you. It is for a fact that he started his studies again, he started to learn comptability, and since he is someone who likes sharing everything with vampz, what he learns, the fans learns too. So, he is known for his online classes, but also for his numerous hand-crafting lives, always with a big smile on his face. BARON really sees vampz as his close friends rather than fans, he was also the first one to announce the passing of his mother, before any official status from the agency. He always makes sure to have a word for her, and to show his fans that she will always be his first role model.

BARON also have a good way woth words. if you are in the group’s fancafe, you had the chance to appreciate his long letters, poems and other forms of literature. During his first vacation as a soldier, he actually posted a little logbook og his week off where he would tell us his adventures day by day. His military service doesn’t stop him from doing all he can for vampz, he took the time to organise a fancall event directly from his military camp, which was only available for korean fans because he wasn’t able to do long distance calls, but don’t worry dear international fan, he promised to do one for us as soon as he can. He also passes by from tie to time in the fancafe, to drop one or two little messages between two exercice sessions or two lectures, because he didn’t gave up on his studies and he started to also learn about Korean history, and you can be sure he will teach us what he learn when he will come back.

Today is no difference for BARON, no matter if it’s his birthday, he is the one offering us presents, with the release of a cover of the song “sriracha” by Marteen.

On this beautiful day, as beautiful as BARON, we are wishing him a happy birthday and we hope to see him soon !

Journalist: Solenne
Translator: Solenne
Source: SNS VAV

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