Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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SF9: The Mafiosi inside Kingdom

SF9‘s new performance in Kingdom is worth of an action movie, where they sing a cover version of the friends: THE BOYZ’s song “Stealer” song.

A third performance full of colours and emotions. Indeed the members sung a cover version of “Stealer”, one of THE BOYZ’s many songs, in which we can notice several allusions to their friends (THE BOYZ’s performance) in Road of Kingdom such as such as the crown, the theft of a briefcase and and breathtaking combat scenes.

Once again, SF9 have chosen to face a mafia clan just like they did for their “Summer Breeze” MV. SF9’s performance starts with the members lined up facing and ready to fight another mafia clan. Then the first combat scene starts with the members fighting with one of the dancers, except ROWOON. The latter, for his first performance in the show, arrived at the end where he entered the boss’ lair of the other clan, where DAWOON kills the latter, only for ROWOON to take the seat and steal the briefcase behind him.

The members dance, sing and perform harmoniously action scenes. We can appreciate the synchronization, and their appropriation of the song and of a new choreography matching SF9’s style for the show. This a choreography worthy of SF9 mixing synchronization, precise moves and sexiness where each member stands out. We can also see a beautiful moment where HWIYOUNG appears under umbrellas but got stabbed by a traitor that we don’t see since DAWON takes over. It’s showing that each member is important and a good distribution of each members’ appearance.Besides they include in an artistic way guns in their choreography. The first trio to mix dance, combat and weapon are TAEYANG, YOUNGBIN and INSEONG, then all SF9 dance and also the dance line consists of YOUNGBIN, CHANI and TAEYANG.

In addition we can notice the members’ actor talent during this performance since most of them have appeared on or got the lead role in dramas or movies. Thanks to this it contributed to give another level to the stunts, combats, and mini movies during this performance. Indeed, they don’t stop after stealing the briefcase since the other clan wants to take it back. That’s why we can see combats scenes with guns and knives or a flamethrower. ZUHO is fighting twice with a knife, INSEONG is saving CHANI by firing on the one who was aiming his gun at CHANI’s head, JAEYOON is fighting enemies and gets rid of them with his weapon, INSEONG and HWIYOUNG are lighting the flamethrower on one of their enemies while the other members are using firearms as well. SF9 are ending the performance when they took back the briefcase and its content, a crown, which is an allusion to the show and to THE BOYZ.

This a performance that highlights all the members’ talents personalities while remaining poetic, harmonious and incredible at the same time for the FANTASY’s (fan of SF9) and the audience’s greatest delight. The members also made an impression on their fellows: whether it was on THE BOYZ or the others. We can notice a beautiful group cohesion in Kingdom: Legendary war where everyone shows support.

SF9 is part of the FNC Entertainment and is composed of YOUNGBIN, JAEYOON, INSEONG, ZUHO, DAWON, ROWOON, HWIYOUNG, TAEYANG and CHANI.  They debuted on October 5, 2016 with the song “Fanfare”.  They celebrated their 4th anniversaries by offering the FANTASY a beautiful song, “손잡아 줄게 (Shine Together)”, thanking them for always being there for them and for loving them.

Journalist: Charlène
Translator: Charlène
Source: Mnet & FNC Entertainment.

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