SUPERBAND: Season two launch

During a showcase in Seoul, the program SUPERBAND announces the launch of its season two, after a first season of the most promising highlighting groups with diverse and varied musical inspirations.


The showcase begins with the broadcast of key moments from season 1, allowing us to remember the former candidates who marked the episodes. In the judges, we find CL des 2NE1, YOON JONGSHIN, CEO of Mystic Story, LEE SANGSOON, lyricist, YOO HEEYEOL, singer, and YOONSANG, singer also. Presented by the JTBC channel, the show seeks out talent from rock, classical music, EDM, traditional music and hip hop, of all ages and from all backgrounds. While the debut of the first season was timid, the finale was a resounding success, making the wait for this new season important.

“This show is important because it shows that it’s not just Kpop in Korea” – YOO HEEYEOL

What differentiates season 2 from season 1 is the diversity of genres presented by the contestants, season 1 having been mainly represented by rock. As with a selection of Kpop trainees, the candidates participating in this season went through a preselection during auditions. Additionally, plenty of minors are expected, recalling a season 1 contestant who was only twelve years old when he visited. CL thinks she brings a particular look as a judge through her career, especially since she says she is a rock fan and really enjoyed the first season where she also appeared as a judge.

During the previous season, the duo YOON JONGSHIN and YOO HEEYEOL particularly stood out for their humor and chemistry. YOONSANG hopes to be able to guide the participants as well as possible so that they fulfill themselves in the musical genre they have chosen. CL wants to show what Korean groups can do, in opposition to the American scene with which she is very familiar. YOON JONGSHIN goes on to say that the most important in a group is the bond between each member to convey emotions, and he hopes that candidates will manage to stand out. Personality is also an important factor in finding a place and remembering our name.

“Roles such as leader should not be imposed with force in a group, otherwise the cohesion will be affected and it will be felt on stage” – YOO HEEYEOL

SUPERBAND season two begins this Monday, June 21st at 9 p.m. YOON JONGSHIN asks future viewers not to vote for those who make great music, but those whose chemistry will stand out the most, because that’s what makes a band strong. The “brightest” candidates will be the most important, and those to watch closely, YOONSANG adds. The judges say they do not want to compete against each other, because they do not consider themselves better than each other, but on the contrary believe that each one has something to bring to the candidates so that all improve and find their voice in the industry. musical.

The judges try to reassure the candidates, so that they can focus on their future performances and not be overwhelmed by the stress of the competition. It is essential that the candidates first have a good time on stage, and that they do not regret their performances. It is with these heartwarming words that the showcase ends, the judges and producers inviting all people who love one of the musical genres mentioned above to watch this new season which, let us remember, begins tonight.

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Translator: Shawn
Photos: JTBC

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