BXK: New concept for the comeback

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Boy group BXK’s new concept photo for “Excuse me” has been released.


A group photo teaser for the new song “Excuse me” was released on the group’s official SNS at noon on June 23rd. The members of BXK, in the picture, showed off their unique charm through sophisticated black suits, various accessories and patterns. In particular, the calm atmosphere and intense aura drew attention, giving off a more mature atmosphere than the debut album “EMERGENCY”.

The sophisticated group concept photo combined with the song’s new name “Excuse me” leads us to infer a moody atmosphere, and heightened expectations for the new song. Expectations are high because BXK, which announced its return by predicting musical growth, will captivate audiences with a new concept.

BXK released its debut album “EMERGENCY” in November of last year, leaving a strong impression on fans in South Korea and abroad working with its debut song “Noyb“, which includes the bold debut of teenagers versus adults who ignore them, and the double headline “Fly High” which shows gratitude to those who trusted them and a firm commitment to the future.

BXK’s new song “Excuse me” will be released on various online music sites at noon on July 5th.

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Source: New Planet Entertainment

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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