GIRLS PLANET 999: Launch of the main title

Mnet’s “Girls Planet 999” launch song “O.O.O (Over & Over & Over · 오.오.오)” was released at 6pm today.

In addition, 33 of the 99 participants of the “K-group” were revealed for the first time. Following the launch song performance of 33 K-group participants, each group’s stages will be broadcast sequentially this week.

The flagship song “O.O.O” from “Girls Planet 999” is a multi-pop genre song that can convey various charms by combining different sections and genres in lyrics expressing the dreams and excitement of 99 participants.

The refreshing and energetic flagship song “O.O.O” was composed by songwriter Jung Ho Hyun, who composed songs for Exo, Baek A-yeon, Apink and Cosmic Girls, and famous songwriter Hwang Ho Hyun. produces songs for SHINee, Red Velvet and ONF.

O.O.O” has a message that 99 girls who dream of being part of a K-pop girl group in different spaces will be connected together in “Girls Planet” through lyrics such as “It’s time to connect with us. and our dreams” and “Where are you?” The main part, which also shouts “It’s me!” shows the determination of girls to make their dreams come true.

The production team said, “The launch song’s performance on stage with an overwhelming feeling attracts attention by adding new filming techniques that have not been seen in other programs.” In order to show the various charms of the participants, we have prepared a stage version of 33 participants in each group and a final scene set up by the 99 participants, so be prepared.

Girls Planet 999” is a large-scale project in which girls from different cultures connect and communicate with each other and become a global girl group. It will air on Mnet at 8:20 p.m. August 6th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Mnet

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