NADA: A spicy comeback

Singer NADA has released a schedule for the release of her new song “Spicy” and has started her comeback process.

NADA drew attention by posting an image of the schedule for the digital single “Spicy,” due out at 6 pm on July 31st, on her agency World Star Entertainment‘s official SNS on July 21st at midnight.

According to the published schedule, concept photos consisting of various images will be released sequentially starting with the first video teaser for the clip on July 23rd to meet increased expectations. The second video teaser for the clip on the 28th, the special pic on the 30th, along with the new song and clip will be released at 6 pm on July 31st.

The calendar was designed based on the new song title “Spicy“, and the design was designed based on a bag of ramen, providing a pleasure to watch it. Additionally, the schedule, which can taste spicy just by looking at it, expressed NADA’s unique sensibility, raising expectations for its return.

On July 14th, Nada provided clues to her comeback activities by displaying the vivid colors and bold style of “Red” in posters and concept photos.

NADA’s new song “Spicy” will be released on major music sites in Korea at 6:00 pm on July 31st.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: World Star Entertainment

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