NU’EST: Happy birthday BAEKHO

BAEKHO is a member of NU’EST (ARON, JR, MINHYUN, BAEKHO, REN), a group managed by Pledis Entertainment. Today, July 21, 2021, BAEKHO turns 26. For this occasion, the KStation TV team has decided to dedicate this article to him, which will allow you to learn more about him!

Some facts about him:

He was accepted as a trainee somewhat by accident. He was accompanying a friend to auditions and finally decided to attend too. He performed “My love” by BUZZ. He was then trainee for 2 years.

He is very good at komdo (martial art), which he showed in his introductory teaser, as a member of NU’EST.

When he uses the dialect of Jeju, the island where he is from, NU’EST members don’t understand him and say it is like a foreign language to them.

BAEKHO has an contagious laugh and is always very smiling and has a bright face.

He’s very outspoken and honest, and he uses that frankness to tease his members. He is the lead singer of NU’EST. He has a very powerful and gentle voice at the same time, with a very particular timbre that sets him apart from other singers.

He participated in the show Produce 101 in 2017 as a trainee. He was not selected in the final group and was placed in 13th position. He became a member of the temporary group NU’EST W (BAEKHO, ARON, REN, JR), while waiting the return of MINHYUN, who was one of 11 members of WANNA ONE, a group formed after the show.

He is known for his very muscular body, which earned him the nickname “Sexy Bandit” on Produce 101. He does a lot of strength training and takes care of his body. He has long been complexed by his weight. He was on the cover of Men’s Health magazine in January 2020.

He has several tattoos. Most notable is the white tiger he has on his forearm, which represents his stage name. He also has a compass tattoo on his right calf, which is inspired by NU’EST 1st logo.

He participated in King of masked singer in 2018, under the mask of ‘David Beckham’.


He may seem very harsh and manly, but he is quite shy and laid back in everyday life.

He hates doing aegyo. He gets shy and laugh when someone asked him to do aegyo during shows or interviews, which ironically makes him even cuter.

He is a bright, cheerful member who loves to eat and cook. Like ARON, he loves animals and especially dogs.

Today he is the member who participates the most in the composition of the songs of NU’EST.

We wish BAEKHO a very happy birthday!

Journalist : Arie
Translation : Arie

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