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NIK: GUNMIN’s A to Z interview for MK Sport

The Korean newspaper “MK Sport” dedicated its weekly “A to Z” article to NIK’s leader: GUNMIN.


NIK debuted on September the 27th with two tracks “Santa Monica” and “Universe“. The title song “Santa Monica” shows NIK‘s energetic voice and rap along with a bright and exciting melody. NIK is currently promoting this song in various music shows, showing off an energetic stage with a perfect combination of performances. GUNMIN being the leader of NIK,  “MK Sport”, asked a series of questions to know more about him:

Q: Please introduce yourself in five syllables.
I’m going all the way

Q: What are your strengths?
I won’t give up! That’s what I think.

Q: If you’re on a diet, what food do you want to eat the most?
I want to eat pork belly!

Q: I’m curious about your usual fashion style.
I usually wear training clothes and I like simple clothes.

Q: What’s your biggest concern these days?
What can I do to perform better?

Q: Complete this sentence: Thanks to XX, it’s worth living in this world!
Thanks to the fans, it’s worth living in this world!

Q: Is there a modifier you want to get? Or what do you want to hear from the public?
NIK the new monster! I want to hear that



Q: What’s your small but certain happiness?
After work, lie down and watch Netflix!

Q: What advice do you want to give yourself in 5 years?
Gunmin, don’t get tired!

Q: What do you think you will be like in 10 years?
I want to perform in front of a lot of fans.

Q: You made your debut on September 27th. Can you express your feelings in five syllables?
I am so happy

Q: What kind of album is “Santa Monica/Universe” to you?
I think it’s a new start and an unforgettable album for me!

Q: Please introduce the point of the title song “Santa Monica”.
I think the most important thing about “Santa Monica” is that the members are having fun on stage!

Q: What do you want to show through this promotion?
I want to show you my skills and relaxation that are not like rookies!

Q: What kind of group is NIK? Time to brag.
NIK is a rookie idol group, but the members can participate in the songwriting and choreography! We want to be recognized as artists, not just idols, so we’re all working hard!

Q: Your first place in the team?
Workout…! I’m first for sure! And… Sweat…I think I spill the most. (Laughs)


Q: If you have a chance to appear on a variety show, what program do you want to try?
I really want to go out on “Knowing Bros“! I think you’ll be able to see the other members’ charms well.

Q: Should we pick one wish that we want to achieve this year?
I want to get out of COVID-19 and meet the fans in person at the end of the year.

Q: Lastly, a word of determination.
As the leader of NIK, I’ll lead them well and show you how hard we work to show you that NIK‘s a great group.

Source: MK Sport
Translator: Julie

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