IKON: JU-NE’s first steps in solo!

In a film produced by the company TS Narin Cinema, the company YG ENTERTAINMENT confirmed that the singer of the group IKON will make his debut as an actor!


The movie will tell the story of Jeon Woo-Seok, a 40-year-old stuntman who dreamed of becoming an actor. After an accident, he went back to his high school years which made him think about his dream again.

However, it’s not the idol who will have the main role, the role having been confirmed to have been given to Jo Byeong-Gyu last month.

We will find JU-NE in a second role that has all importance: Jeon Woo-Seok’s long-time friend. Bong-Gyun is a cool, charming high schooler and a bit of a playboy around the edges.

With JU-NE‘s energetic personality, there is a growing anticipation of discovering the chemistry between the two actors during this film.

The film has the working title: « Even if I die, One More Time », the shooting started during the month and will be on the screens during the year 2022.

Since the announcement, the IKONICS (fans of the group IKON) are waiting impatiently to discover how JU-NE will captivate them during his debut on the big screen!

Journalist: Anaïs
Translator: Anaïs
Source: YG Entertainment

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