Posted on November 1, 2021, the video lasts only a few seconds in a sophisticated and calm atmosphere.

In 41 seconds, the shots follow one another and the muffled aspect creates a nostalgic and romantic universe, which the artist knew to be appropriate.

The poses are simple and comfortable but the charisma of JU-NE makes all this more attractive, without counting his make-up where we can appreciate the naturally beautiful and precise features of the singer. Despite his clothes that are quite loose, his physique manages to remain in the value. The young man gave off an aura of « dreamy boyfriend » during the shooting of this video.

What does it mean to write a poem to JU-NE, who has consistently written poems? Finding the message you want to deliever, selecting the proper words, conveying the emotions in it, and communicating with the world and/or yourself. Out of JU-NE’s robust poems, we are going to recite the poem ‘Truth’ together today. –Dazed Korea

A lifelong lover of poetry, JU-NE leaves his mark in an audible way, reciting a poem called « Truth » that he had written a few months before his appearance in the Korean magazine.

Talking about his passion, the talented artist confided that he wrote his poems about the experiences he went through and shared them with the IKONICS (fan of the group IKON) to inspire them.

You can find all the pictures on their website here or, for those who can get the November 2021 printed issue.

Otherwise, JU-NE is expected to appear in the movie « Even If I Die Once Again » which will be released in 2022, sharing the screen with Jo Byeong Gu.

Journalist: Anaïs.
Translator: Anaïs.
Source: Dazed Korea.

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