HWASA: Shining in the shadows

MAMAMOO’s HWASA released a lyric poster of her title song, raising the pressure for her comeback.


At midnight today, HWASA featured a lyric poster for the title song “I’m a 빛” from her second single “GUILTY PLEASURE” on their official SNS.

HWASA in the released poster creates a fatal atmosphere with a red dress and matching shoes. HWASA’s unique charm has been doubled down with her short hair and unique nails. In particular, the narrow hallway decorated with mysterious flower frames attracts attention as the highlights are focused only on HWASA. Like the light that swallowed the shadow, only HWASA shines in the dark space, adding to the expectations for the new song “I’m a 빛“.

As such, under the theme of “GUILTY PLEASURE” which means an act of fun while feeling guilty, HWASA has raised questions about her new album by introducing content encompassing the chic charm of classic moods.

HWASA will release their single album “GUILTY PLEASURE” on November 24th. This new opus contains the message that the more you desire perfection, the more empty you become, and the more free you can be to act entirely according to your wishes.

The title song is “I’m a 빛“, and HWASA wrote the song itself. This is the first song in which HWASA has collaborated with foreign producers. In addition, RBW hitmaker Park Woo Sang, who has worked with HWASA for a long time, participated in the work of the B-side tracks “Fomo” and “Bless u” to create the best synergy with HWASA again. HWASA also participates in the composition and lyrics of “Bless U” to demonstrate deeper musical abilities.

HWASA’s second album, “GUILTY PLEASURE“, will be released on various music sites at 6pm on November 24th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: RBW

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