KIM WOO SEOK: His meeting with the fans online

KIM WOO SEOK will meet fans around the world at an online home party.


KIM WOO SEOK will appear at the “Krush On: 내방으로 놀러 와” global online party hosted by Big Shot and Emotion Studio at 8 pm on December 11th and broadcast via Hello Live.

KIM WOO SEOK, who is filming the tvN drama “Bulgasal: Immortal soul“, which is set to premiere on December 18th, has decided to take part in the online world party “Krush On: 내방으로 놀러 와“with a strong desire to meet fans before 2021. He will meet fans around the world online for the first time in nine months, and have a special time and create many memories.

In addition, KIM WOO SEOK will reward the love of fans by preparing abundant gifts such as undisclosed scenes, personal photo cards with handwritten signatures, limited edition posters and autographs for fans that he has never had. not encountered for a long time. In particular, there will be a special event where you can make a 1:1 video call with KIM WOO SEOK via lottery, which should receive enthusiastic responses from fans.

Krush On: 내방으로 놀러 와” is an online performance in which an artist invites fans from around the world to a house party to play and communicate together in real time for approximately 70 minutes, and is a performance in which fans wear pre-approved dress codes and attend the house party. The songs that KIM WOO SEOK will sing during the performance will also be selected by the fans themselves, allowing for interactive and intimate communication that has not been seen on the offline stage.

Krush On: 내방으로 놀러 와”, featuring KIM WOO SEOK, will be broadcast live on Hello Live. Hello Live is a global live online platform where fans all over the world can meet stars very comfortably and closely anytime, anywhere via web and apps.

KIM WOO SEOK will continue his activities in 2022, starting with the tvN drama “Bulgasal: Immortal soul“, which premieres on December 18th.

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Translator: Shawn

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