JUNG DA KYUNG: Sensitivity to the rendezvous

Trot singer JUNG DA KYUNG is making her comeback with the single “가라 그래“, after her appearance on the popular show “MISS TROT“.

Jung Da Kyung

Under the agency THINK ENTERTAINMENT, the young woman has made a place for herself on the musical trotting scene after obtaining fourth place in the program “MISS TROT” which was broadcast in 2019. She returns with the digital single “가라그래 ”during a showcase in Seoul. The latter begins with a photo shoot highlighting the young woman, then the clip of her single is broadcast. In autumnal hues, the clip portrays her in the midst of a romantic relationship, and subsequently, JUNG DA KYUNG takes the stage to present her very first performance on this track.

She thanks the people who participated with her in “MISS TROT” for giving her their support for this single, especially the singer SOYEON. She declares that she does not see herself as a trotting singer, but more as a singer experimenting with the trotting and other styles, to create her own style. To accompany her on this day, the boy group T.A.N from the same agency joins her on stage with flowers, the singer SUNGHOON, as well as the MC who also gives her flowers. To conclude the showcase, both sing a few sentences to thank the journalists present. Very short, the showcase only allowed to give thanks and to present the single “가라그래“.

The words of our reporter: “catchy song allowing to admirably highlight the capacities of the singer”.

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Translator: Shawn

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