WAYV: TEN will be the next leader of the Chinese show “Great Dance Crew”

On April 7, it was announced through Chinese channel YOUKU, that TEN will be the main leader of their upcoming show “Great Dance Crew”.

After the release of his title “Paint me naked” as part of the “SM STATION” (solo song project by the artists of the agency SM ENTERTAINMENT), the artist, also a member of the group WAYV and NCT, remained discreet on the next projects he had in mind. TEN, however, remained very active on his social networks, such as Instagram, where he regularly posted his latest drawings. Indeed, in addition to being known as a talented dancer, TEN is also a designer or peer with his own style. He very often shares what he does, in order to show his various talents to his fans.

The show “Great Dance Crew” will consist of a competition composed of dancers from all over China. The leaders of the latter will be well-known artists in the country, such as WANG FEIFEI (former member of the group MISS A) and CHENG XIAO (vocalist and main dancer of the group COSMIC GIRL (WJSN)).

The announcement of TEN’s participation as a leader took place on the networks of the YOUKU channel, with a poster displaying the young man. This accompanied by the caption: “He is the refreshing senior of the team with a dancing soul who is always there to dominate the stage!” Let’s welcome #TEN to the show! “. The trailer for the show was posted today on the channel’s official accounts.


Other accounts on Weibo (which is the main social network in China) have posted TEN in various photos and videos in which the artist introduces himself as the new main leader of the show “Great Dance Crew“. He also took this opportunity to dedicate a drawing to the fans and the program.

More information to come about the broadcast of the show!

Journalist: kimi2171
Translator: Shawn
Source: YOUKU Twitter

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