PARK JINYOUNG : “Yaksha”, a new movie on Netflix

The new Korean drama “Yaksha, ruthless operations” with PARK JINYOUNG is out on Netflix!

“Yaksha: Ruthless operations” | Movie visual

PARK JINYOUNG is back acting in Netflix’s new Korean drama “Yaksha, ruthless operations“.

Yaksha” follows the adventures of Kang-in, the leader of a National Intelligence Service team, on one of his covert missions. As the dangerous mission carries out, Kang-in engages in merciless methods, despite of the conflicts it creates among his team. He also has to confront the reluctance of Ji-hoon, a prosecutor who infiltrated the team to investigate.

In this new movie, JINYOUNG plays the role of Jeong-dae, the youngest team member, and shares the screen with SOL KYUNG-GU (Kang-in) and PARK HAE-SOO (Ji-hoon) who recently appeared in Netflix’s Korean hit drama “Squid game“.

JINYOUNG‘s previous works include diverse films and dramas such as “A stray goat” (2017), “The Legend of the Blue Sea” (2016) and “When my love blooms” (2020). He has also played several main roles as in  “He is psychometric” (2019) and “The devil judge” (2021) with famous Korean actor JI SUNG.

As for 2022, two other films with JINYOUNG are awaiting: as announced by his agency BH Entertainment, he will be appearing in “Hi 5” and “Christmas Carol” that are scheduled to be broadcast this year.


Watch “Yaksha, ruthless operations” on Netflix !

Journalist: Catherine
Translator: Catherine
Sources: Publications Netflix

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