Thursday, September 28, 2023

KIM SUNG KYU: Spring, a flower, a captivating charm

Singer KIM SUNG KYU has released a new photo showcasing his hot spring sensibilities.


The agency, Double H TNE, released a second concept photo for KIM SUNG KYU’s fourth mini album “SAVIOR” on its official SNS on April 13.

In the photo, KIM SUNG KYU posed as if smelling flowers and showed off his warm visuals with elegant facial features. KIM SUNG KYU, which harmonized with the warm spring feeling, created a fresh and bright atmosphere.

KIM SUNG KYU is drawing attention to his comeback by displaying a light yet cozy vibe through his photos. At the same time, expectations and curiosity for the new concept of “SAVIOR” are increasing.

KIM SUNG KYU will return to his fans with his new mini album “SAVIOR” after a year and a month. The album will feature a total of six songs from different genres, including the title track “Savior” of the same name as the album, allowing you to admire KIM SUNG KYU‘s broader musical spectrum.

KIM SUNG KYU‘s fourth mini album “SAVIOR” will be released on various music sites on April 22. Additionally, KIM SUNG KYU will hold his fourth solo concert “LV” at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul from April 22 to 24 for the release of his new album.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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