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GOT7 : Fans celebrate the band’s grand return

French fans gathered to celebrate GOT7’s very much anticipated comeback in the city of Paris. Let’s take a trip down the memory lane for this 2-day fan event.

GOT7 during their interview for W Korea

A fan-event was organized on May 24th and 25th at the Kick Café in Paris, with the radiant presence of Cécile, the person at the core of the project, and the French fan bases dedicated to the members of GOT7 in order to celebrate the release of “GOT7”, the new album of the group.
Fans were able to meet in this café specialized in K-Pop in the middle of the capital to enjoy this very special moment. After the fancon, the group made multiple appearances for promotional activities of the group : the septet was seen on covers of magazines or featured on radio programs. The café’s employees, who previously welcomed GOT7 member MARK TUAN during his second time at Paris Fashion Week, wanted to do something for the fans to share a moment together following this new release, after more than a year of waiting and uncertainty. The person behind the event, Cécile, also wanted to be able to share the beautiful and unique journey of GOT7 with other fans.

The fan bases and organizers put up posters and decorations reminding the mood of the group and its members through the decade they have now spent together, and their more than eight year career. The organizers distributed goodies to all the guests, be it posters or photocards. The café’s team also created a special menu for the event, a menu recalling the band’s leader, JAY B, and his love for the largely debated mint and chocolate duo.

The special GOT7 menu

These two days were placed under the sign of nostalgia, joining the atmosphere of this comeback. It was time for sharing, memories, anecdotes, old and new. Each person present played their parts in this friendly and warm atmosphere. Some of them met old friends, acquaintances made on social media or at concerts, others discovered their table mates. All that while savoring drinks and desserts offered by the café. Each fan present left a message or a drawing in the guestbook, a project set up by the fan base to keep a physical memory of the event, and struck a pose under the posters of the band places all over the Kick Café. This very special event, as usual, brings together fans of all ages, all backgrounds and all walks of life. All united by their great interest in the K-Pop group GOT7. Like their favorite boy band, the fans are plural. The ahgases sympathize around a tea, discussing in turn their favorite songs, the new album “GOT7”. They talk about the before and after getting to know GOT7, they discuss their personal projects, their career, they laugh about memes and viral videos posted by the group. The atmosphere is joyful and friendly. The party is in full swing and the café is filled with people. The conversations are going well, the improvised karaoke sessions too, everyone hums and sings to the rhythm of the songs played. One can almost hardly hear the different playlists created for the occasion, gathering the Korean and Japanese discographies of the group but also the solo projects and subunits. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to meet and discover new, welcoming, diverse and warm-hearted people, through a common interest; and this, outside the often brutal circles of K-Pop fan groups on social media. This didn’t stop the fans from thanking the organizers and the team of the café on Twitter, where they were able to post pictures taken during the event. Laughter and good humor were keywords for those who attended the event. The fan bases also expressed their satisfaction of having been able to carry out this project, to create a bond between fans and to celebrate this new major step in the career of the group. Bravo to the organizers for kicking off the return of fan-events in the best way possible after a two-year halt due to the pandemic.

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