LEE MINHYUK : A mainly comeback

It is on this Monday, June 27 that singer LEE MINHYUK, member of the group BTOB and part of CUBE ENTERTAINMENT, makes his solo comeback with a second full album entitled BOOM.


MINHYUK, by his solo stage name HUTA, presents during a press conference in Seoul, his new album comprising twelve tracks, carried by the title song “Boom ”, eponymous to the album. It is with a frank smile that the artist confides not to be stressed for this comeback, and declares himself to be rather confident, having prepared hard.

He explains that this album symbolizes the feelings felt during a meeting, and that each track expresses his journey. The song was made so that it stands out in the eyes of the public during its performances, and as a result, the choreography, as well as the visual of the singer, were particularly worked. The artist, as usual, wanted to offer a sexy image of himself, and to demonstrate this fact, MINHYUK dances a few steps in front of the journalists present, igniting the room with a look.


Subsequently, the clip for “ Boom ” is released, the artist seeming to be portrayed as a member of the mafia being, indeed, manly and sexy. The chorus, in an anti-drop style, is punctuated by a “ Boom shaka laka ”, accompanied by oriental sounds.

After the broadcast of the clip, MINHYUK goes back on stage to discuss with the journalists present. He begins by delivering an anecdote of filming, that he wore colored lenses, which in reality were not adapted to his eyesight. He says it caused him a lot of irritation, and he even thought he hadn’t been able to put the lenses in properly. Regarding the album, he considers the song “ 그대가 모르게 ” to be ideal to listen to on a rainy day, as well as “ 우리 함께 걸어요 ”.


« It’s hard for me to decide between LEE MINHYUK and HUTA… For the past ten years, I’ve been a member of BTOB as LEE MINHYUK and HUTA is just an opportunity for me to experience new things, solo» —MINHYUK 

He says he has also received support from the members of BTOB, who encourage each other with each solo album release. However, he hopes to manage to stand out from the members, and from MINHYUK of BTOB, explaining why, among other things, he chose another stage name (HUTA). He is nevertheless very happy to be able to receive so much love from his fans, and is always delighted to be able to do promotions. He affirms that his fans give him energy perpetually.


The preparation of this new album allowed him to “sort out” between his ideas, and what was really achievable. The artist having a lot to show his fans, he made the choice to come back with twelve songs, which he considers to be gifts for his fans, who supported him all the more during his military service. He therefore hesitated to come back with several title songs, but he chose to focus on “ Boom ”, which is the most “ impressive” song of the album according to him. In addition, he expresses his great impatience to see his fans again during musical broadcasts, and during a concert in July.


« This album has no particular meaning other than the fact that I want to thank my fans, and deliver messages to them through my songs.»MINHYUK 

The singer thus designed his album by including tracks that can be listened to in accordance with the weather, as he explained previously. His priorities were also to show off his dancing, singing and performing abilities, as his rapping was already recognized by the music industry. Age is also a big factor for him, as he fears that as time passes, he will lose his said abilities. He therefore redoubled his efforts for this comeback, hoping that the result will be observed and acclaimed.


Also, he considered focusing on love songs, being the most popular style of his group BTOB. He also considered doing a series as a solo singer, the concept being that his different albums tell the same love story. Finally, to detach himself from his group, he incorporated songs that were not exclusively oriented on the theme of romantic feelings. He therefore turned to a more hip-hop style, considering it to be what he knows best.

« Initially, I was considering replacing “shaka laka” only with “boom” and finally, I decided to call the album that and keep “shaka laka”, because the response from the agency was more positive.» —MINHYUK 

He admits to having the impression that few people are aware of his solo career as HUTA and thus hopes that this comeback will bring him more visibility, so that we discover him in a new light. He concludes the conference by talking about the next concert he will hold next month. A concert was planned some time ago, but he was forced to cancel it due to covid. He has therefore planned even more things in order to satisfy his fans who have waited a long time, and even reveals that his dancers have complained about the “ difficulty ” of this concert, compared to those quieters of BTOB.

It is therefore with these last words that the showcase ends, MINHYUK thanking the journalists who came and asking that we support his solo comeback, after so much time.

Les mots de notre reporter :  “Minhyuk greeted us with a charming personality for an hour, good luck with this comeback!

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Photos: Pillet Anaïs

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