ATEEZ: A special performance for « Utopia »!

Today, June 28, ATEEZ appeared on SBS MTV’s 300th « The Show », to perform « Utopia » for a special stage.


For two years now, YEOSANG has been the MC of this musical show and hosts a program called « THE 강습소 ». This year, all ATEEZ members joined him on stage after a long period of inactivity. Indeed, with the world tour at the beginning of the year, ATEEZ has not appeared in a music program for a long time, attracting strong attention from the public.

« Utopia » is a song from ATEEZ‘s third mini-album « TREASURE EP.3: ONE TO ALL » released in 2019. This song contains the ideal of ATEEZ infinitely heading towards its utopia and its dreams. We particularly remember an explosive chorus breaking the reality of prejudice while giving the impression of being reached by utopia.

Moreover, under the performance video of « Utopia » we find comments such as: « It’s the summer song » or « A group who gives goosebumps ». There are also many comments related to the presence of this song at the end of South Korea’s friendly football matches such as: « I love watching football and I continue to listen to it » or « I hope it will be the official song of the Korea World Cup ».

On the other hand, ATEEZ recently met 150,000 domestic and overseas fans during « THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE END » World Tour which will continue from July 16 to 18 in Japan. With its first Japanese solo concert at the Pia Arena MM in Yokohama, the group will further consolidate their position as a world artist.

The special performance of ATEEZ‘s « Utopia », which fans all over the world pay attention to, is available on the YouTube channel of SBS MTV’s « The Show ».

Journalist: Laura
Translator: Laura
Source: KQ Entertainment

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